Jessica is a Panamanian-American artist that found her first love of color and texture within her heritage.  When Jessica was first exposed to painting she noted and fell in love with the materiality and textures.  As a child Jessica was always fascinated by the delicate elements of the traditional handmade headdresses and garments worn in traditional Panamanian folk dancing, Bailes Tipico.  She was entranced by the lush consistencies of icings found in Panamanian cuisine.


While attending the University of Tennessee, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. There, Jessica found the adornments of the classical Madonna figure in art history to be similar to the adorning halo of women in Panamanian folk dancing.


The consumption of divine femininity through all art has been her inspiration in creating works that are both delicate and textural.  Her favorite themes within her work are exploring what is possible with the material by creating impossibly thick and touch worthy feminine elements.


     "My creations are conscious of the materiality of paint, with savoring textures and intricate line work.

The delicacies in application & adorning halos connects you with the consumption of divine femininity in the arts."

-Jessica Burleson