Jessica is a Panamanian-American artist that found her first love of art within Panamanian culture & nature. Influenced by the abundant flora and fauna found in the Panama Rainforests, her creations find a connection with in femininity and nature. Delicate feminine elements of the traditional handmade headdresses & garments worn in Panamanian folk dancing can also be found in her work. 


    The consumption of divine femininity, nature & art is her inspiration in creating. Conceptually exploring the exploitation of femininity & nature; thus injecting and stripping sanctity and power.  Her works are both material and delicate with savory textures. Composing impossibly thick, icing like, touch worthy feminine floral elements. A visual delicacy you can only hope to resist the temptation to touch.


     "My creations are conscious of materiality with savoring textures and intricate line work.

The delicacies in application & adorning halos connects you with the consumption of divine femininity & nature in the arts."

-Jessica Burleson