This piece is called “Light Speaker”. Through my many traumas in life, as a defense I built up a wall when it came to speaking my truth. I was the most comfortable fading into the crowd. I had fears of being misunderstood or having my words twisted into negativity. Through many life lessons I was taught that being silent, does not spare your heart the betrayals of the insecurities of others. Withholding your truth just allows space for others to speak on your behalf. When I was creating “Light Speaker”, I was contemplating the gift we can give to others through our words if we simply choose to be heard. 
The figure in this piece has her hand positioned to present her voice. Forcing her inner light to reveal its self. 
The orange orb is the physical representation of her voice as it drawn out of her. The color orange represents the energy her voice contains. 
The color white in this piece is a heavy void of nothingness. The flowers surrounding her represent the people surrounding her that have contributed to the void through manipulation of previous attempts at being heard, and represent the cookie cutter ideals of society. The beauty of these people is that their actions have driven her to this moment of discarding the silence. She allows their presence as spectators to witness the undeniable beauty & light her truth radiates. As they can no longer impact her voice.


To create this piece I piped acrylic paint onto the canvas. All elements in this piece are made of paint.

Light Speaker

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 20"x20" 
    Acrylic paint on canvas. 
    Colors are reflected in the still image. (Colors in the detail video are distorted)

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