A recreation of Botticelli’s, “The Birth of Venus” represents the birth of love as the driving force of life. The red orb speaks to her divine femininity and the coming of age. She carries the impossible weight of her femininity on her shoulders. Accepting of its burden she reaches her hands in praise. Exalted & exposed. Maturing beyond repression. Choosing to love herself in totality in plain view for all. Unconcerned. Unconsumed. Unpolluted. 

To create this piece I made various types of acrylic skins. (Acrylic skins= layers of acrylic that is allowed to dry then molded into shape) I added piped details onto the skins, piped the leaves, and attached them to the canvas. All elements in this piece are made of paint. 

Birth of Venus

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  • 48”x24” 
    Acrylic paint on canvas

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